You can buy Sushi Papercrafts at markets, craft events and online. There are two online stores, Etsy, Cargoh and Wedzu.

Wait, what are these sites?

These sites are like Amazon or Ebay, but specialize in handmade goods. Since most of us crafters don't have the means to build our own online shopping system, we turn to sites like Etsy and Cargoh to make online selling feasible. You buy stuff here just like you would on any shopping site, using PayPal or a credit card.

Shop in Real Life

If shopping online doesn't do it for you, check out Sushi Papercraft's upcoming craft shows! Or, shop for books at one of these stores located all over the place:

Art Gallery of Alberta - Edmonton, AB
Junque Cellar - Edmonton, AB
Wired Cup - Edmonton, AB
Carbon Environmental Boutique - Edmonton, AB
Saffron Studios - Cochrane, AB
Cherish - San Francisco, CA