Sushi Papercraft offers a few categories of books to suit your journalling style. Most books have 112-130 pages, depending on the type.

Blank Books: These books have blank sheets inside. The covers come in countless different designs. Blank books make great sketchbooks and art journals, but no one's stopping you from writing in them as well. Browse blank books here

Lined Books: These books contain lined pages, the lines of which are light grey in colour. They're ideal for journalling, note-taking, and maintaining your exquisite penmanship. Like the blank books, cover designs for lined books are widely varied. Browse lined books here

Agendas: Sushi's agendas are undated, so you fill in the dates yourself. While this format is a little unconventional in the agenda world, it's way more flexible than your typical January-to-December version. You can start wherever you want in the year, and if you forget to write in it for a week, you can pick up right where you left off instead of having empty pages. Follow the link for pictures and a better explanation. Browse agendas here

Maps and Travel: Many of Sushi's books are made from maps, which is why they have their own category. In this case, the inside sheets vary; they can be lined, blank, or otherwise. The covers, however, are made from recycled road and travel maps. These books make great travel journals, as well as great gifts between friends who live far apart. Browse map and travel books here

Painted and Illustrated These books are illustrated or handpainted by me, with India ink or an ink pen. The inside sheets may be lined or blank, but the covers always feature an original painting or drawing.Browse painted and illustrated books here