About Sushi Papercraft

Sushi Papercraft was started with me, Jenna, and my obsession with notebooks. Personally, I've found that writing and drawing has helped me out in life -- I think clearer, solve problems quicker, and dream bigger. I'm a notebook klepto and usually don't leave home without three of them on me. Yikes. So it made sense when I decided to teach myself bookbinding -- a perfect way surround myself with the journals and sketchbooks I loved so much.

My books are made for people who love putting marks on a page. There's something about the immediacy of a book, and setting pen to paper, that makes some of us really happy.

I believe the joy of handwriting and drawing comes in part from having a beautifully-made journal to pour your thoughts into. The journals I make are a small luxury; they're for people who want to treat themselves or a friend to a crafted item that inspires reflection and creation. A journal should be comfortable and a delight to use -- that's what I go for when I make my books, and why I set up shop.

About the Books

All books are one of a kind. I use a high-end waxed linen thread to stitch them together, as well as premium, smooth coated paper stock for the inside. I've also been known to use recycled graph paper and file folders if it works for the book. Whatever the materials, all books are handmade by me, from designing the covers to folding the pages and stitching the book together. Making them is very time intensive, but I love what I do! If you'd like to check out various styles and samples, head over to the Products page.

If you have any questions, feel welcome to email jenna(at)sushipapercraft.com.