Handmade to Delight

Sushi Papercraft is run by Jenna O'Flaherty, who hand-makes and sells all manner of sketchbooks, notebooks, and journals. Jenna believes there's joy in writing and drawing by hand, and that a journal should be a delight to use. She draws upon her graphic design background and love for print to create eclectic books; materials range from specialty papers to road maps.

The key feature of Sushi Papercraft books is the syle of binding, known as in coptic stitching. Invented by a sect of Christian Egyptians thousands of years ago, coptic stitching allows books to open 180 degrees; they lay flat for a comfortable writing/drawing experience. They come blank, lined, graphed, and even agenda'd. And you can bet they make a very special gift; these books are designed to be as delightful as they are inspirational.

If you'd like to know more about the Why behind Sushi Papercraft, head over here. Or, go to the Products page to check out the various styles available.